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Textile Machinery Spare Parts

Con-Pap-Tex is a Company Promoted by Experts & Technocrats having more than 30 Years of Experience in the Field of Textile Machinery Spare Parts, Flexible Printing & Packaging, Converting, Paper, Jute, Tarpaulins, HDPE Woven Sacks, Textile, Carpet, Leather, Technical Textile, Steel, Plywood & Laminates , and Tyre-Cord Industry.

Manufacturer of Rubber Roller, Web Guiding System, Rubber Fillet, Bow Roll, Metal Roller, Air Shaft, etc…, Equipment for converting, paper and textile industry, repair, and service. Also, dealing with Slitter Rewinder, Doctoring Rewinding, Industrial Roller, Batch Coding, Printing Machine, and many more extraordinary machines. Read more



We manufacture all types of Converting & Flexible Packaging Machinery & Equipment like Slitter Rewinder Machine, Doctoring Rewinding Machine, Winder Rewinder Machine for Inkjet Printer, Web Guiding System, Banana Roll, Rubber Rolls, Rewinder Unit, Unwinder Unit, Tracking Roller Assembly, Powder Brake, Pneumatic Brake, Safety Chucks, Slitter Knives, Slitter Cutters, Rubber Fillet etc. We are manufacturing above Equipments with great accuracy as all jobs are being done on Imported or CNC Machines. We also supply Inkjet Printer along with Rewinder Machine for Batch Coding purpose on Flexible Packaging Rolls.



We are manufacturing all types of Equipments for Paper Industry like Slitting Rewinding Machine, Wrinkle Removing Rolls, Banana Rolls, Bow Roll, Rubber Rolls, Metal Rolls, Metal Bow Expander Rolls, Industrial Rolls, Hard Chrome Plated Rolls, Web Aligner System, Spreader Roll, Dryer Cylinder, Cooling Roll, Paper Knives, Paper Cutters, etc. We are manufacturing above Equipments with great accuracy as all jobs are being done on Imported or CNC Machines.


Textile Machinery Spare Parts

We are manufacturer of all types of Textile Machinery Spare Parts, Textile Machinery & Equipments like Stenter Clip, Chain Link Bottom Parts, Pin Bars, Stenter Machine Spare Parts, Jigger Machine Spare Parts, Cloth Guider Spare Parts, Folding Machine Spare Parts, Rotary Screen Printing Machine Spare Parts, Bowl Mangle & Drying Range, Gear Set, Spinning & Weaving Machinery Spare Parts, Brush Roll, Slat Expander Roll, Rubber Fillet, Cloth Guiders, Rewinder Unit, Unwinder Unit, Safety Chucks, Rubber Roll, etc. We are manufacturing above Equipment with great accuracy as all jobs are being done on Imported or CNC Machines.



We are manufacturer & import of all types of Batch Coding Equipment & Machinery like Industrial Inkjet Printer, Thermal Transfer Printer, Winder Rewinder for Inkjet / Thermal Printer, Winding Rewinding Machine for Inkjet Printing, Conveyor for Inkjet Printing, Strapping Machine, Stretch Wrapping Machine, Shrink & L Sealer Machine, Carton Sealing Machine, Induction Sealing Machine, Sticker Labeling Machine, Filling Machine, Grouping Machine, Shrink Tunnel, Door Wrapping, Strapping Tool , Glue Gun, Top Sealer, Form Fill Seal (F.F.S.) Machine, Winding Rewinding Machine for Batch Printing. We are manufacturing Equipments with great accuracy as all jobs are being done on Imported or CNC Machines.


Wrinkle Removing Works
Rubber Rolls
Industrial Rolls
Web Guiding Equipment
Winder Unit
Tension Control System
Core Holding Device
Safety Chucks / Locking Assembly
Cloth Guiders
Corona Treater
Static Eliminator
Textile Machinery Spare Parts
Rubber Fillet / Rubber Grip
Knives & Cutters
Slitter Machine Spares
Pneumatic & Hydraulic Products
Slitter Rewinder Machine
Doctoring / Rewinding Machine
Batch Coding Equipments
Packaging Machines

Industries Served

Flexible Printing & Packaging Industry
Converting Industry
Paper Industry
Non-Woven Industry
Aluminum Foil Industry
Tarpaulins Industry
HDPE Woven Sacks Industry
Glass Industry
Jute Industry
Textile Industry
Yarn Industry
Fiber Industry
Carpet Industry
Artificial Leather Cloth / Vinyl
Leather Industry
Technical Textile Industry
Tyre-Cord Fabric Processing Industry
Plywood & Laminates
Steel Industry
Sheet Metal Industry
Sugar Industry
Cement Industry
Glass Industry

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