Pneumatic Cylinder

pneumatic_air_cylinderMaterials of Construction

  • End caps – Aluminium diecast / Cast Ion
  • Tie rod – Tensile Steel Zinc Plated
  • Piston – Aluminium machines
  • Cylinder Tube – Upto dia 4″(100mm) in brass, dia 5″(125 mm) & above upto dia 12 M.S. seam less honed & hard Chrome plated.
  • Piston Rod – High Tensile Steel Hard Crome Plated
  • Seals – High Nitrile 3307

Features pneumatic_air_cylinder1

  • Heavy duty & Robust constructions.
  • Single & double acting models are available in Ten bore sizes from 25mm to 200mm.
  • Adjustable cushioning for reducing impact of stroke at both cylinder ends is standard for all models. (Bore more than 1″)
  • Selection of attachments for six mounting styles.
  • Super finished and hard-chrome plated high tensile steel piston rods.
  • Pressure Temperature
  • Operating pressure upto 10kg f/cm2 for air upto 25kg f/cm2 for oil
  • Operating Temperature Max. 80o c.

Mountings – Suffixpneumatic_air_cylinder2

  • Rear Flange – RF : Front Trunion – FT
  • Rear Trunion – RT : Centre Trunion – CT
  • Clevis Mounting – CM : Front Flange – FF
  • Foot Mounting – FT : Neck Mounting -NM
  • For piston Rod Fork Attachment Suffix – RK.

pneumatic_air_cylinder4Pneumatic cylinders are available in different sizes, types and are traded strictly in compliance with ISO standards. Apart from these air / pneumatic cylinders is available in different types of cylinders like single acting & double acting pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders (weldable type, tie rod type), hydro pneumatic cylinders, standard cylinder, slim cylinder, compact cylinder etc.