Air Chucks


It is a simple bellow type chuck mounted on an aluminum body for holding up the reel. It is used with a side clamp or a set screw on the base shaft.

Air Chuck

  1. Economical & light weight solution for core holding.
  2. Widely used for low torque unwind operation.
  3. Absolutely no damage to core.
  4. Easy mounting on shaft.


–         Body: Aluminum Alloy

–         Bladder: Rubber Polymer

Available Size:

–         Core ID 5″ onwards Bore ID square or round as per customer requirement


  1. Dual non return valve-common air valve for multiple chucks by PU
  2. Stopper plate for core alignment
  3. Bore can be with key-way
  4. Camping by split collar clamp

Torque Chuck:

Cam type shaft makes the chuck hold core in positive gripping position.

–         Concentric torque chucks expansion.

–         No side arm force required.

–         Gripping is better at high torque application.

–         Comparatively lesser damage to the core.


Alloy steel

Available Size:

–         3″, 6″, up to 12″


Flange diameter as per customer requirement

Thrust Chuck:core-holding-devices24

Thrust chuck is a tapper wedge design used for core holding where the force is applied through the arms. It is truly mechanical and fool proof in terms of pneumatic.

–         Best suited for rolls using fiber and metal cores.

–         Based on mechanical load provided axially, So fail proof and reliable.

–         This chuck provides absolute holding of the chuck.

–         Concentric core holding.

–         Excellent and fail proof design for rewind and unwind.


–         Base and Flange: Alloy steel

–         Grippers: Hardened steel

Available Size:

–         core: 3″ to 12″

Air Power Chuck:core-holding-devices23

One of the most heavy and durable core holding option where mechanical advantage of tapper wedge is used through high pressure pneumatic cylinder.

–         Best option for avoiding core damage in shaft less machines.

–         Rotation of the chuck in either direction is possible.

–         No axial force is applied: hence better life of winding and unwinding station.

–         Concentric expansion and gripping force.

–         Quick-Change between core sizes with slide-on core chuck adapters.

–         Unmatched torque capacity at higher speed & jam free operation.

–         Can be used for any core material without alteration.


–         Body: steel

–         Lugs: Alloy steel

–         Springs: Spring steel

Available Size:

–         3″, 6″ up to 12″

Lug Chuck:core-holding-devices25

Pneumatic Core Holding Chuck for Shaft-less winders.

–         Compact & Light weight option for reel holding.

–         Moderate torque capacity for General purpose.

–         No axial force needed for core gripping.

–         Slide on core adaptors available for various core sizes.


–         Housings: Alloy Steel

–         Grippers: Rubber, Plastic

Available Size:

–         3″, 4″ & 6″ on Wards


–         Various Adaptors available

Multi Bladder Chuck:core-holding-devices26

Variant of the Multi Bladder shaft with through bore inside for holding on a shaft.

–         No direct contract with Rubber Bladder.

–         Less Maintenance cost.

–         Highly Reliable & concentric.

–         Great option for retro fitting existing Shaft or rod.


–         Body : Aluminum, Steel in special case

–         Gripper: Rubber, Plastics and Aluminum

Available Size:

–         3″, 6″ onwards