Pneumatic Cloth Guider CPT 20



  •          Easy installation and operation.
  •          Most powerful model in pneumatic Cloth Guiders.
  •          Easily mounted on adjustable type support.
  •          Can be used in vertical, horizontal direction.
  •          Suitable for use in dry / wet fabrics.
  •          Different materials of rollers are provided for special application.
  •          Super sensitive web control even without base plates.
  •          Suitable for higher speed and broader fabric width.
  •          Safely rods are provided render to avoid accident & to prevent damage to rollers.
  •          Pressure regulating valve with filter & Pressure indicating gauge is provided to
    adjust the nipping pressure between the rolls for various thickness & tensions.
  •          Best performance for Woven, Knitted, Towel fabrics, Jute, Tyre cord, Foils.


  •          Fixed roller of 80mm did, 280mm length – Hylem / Stainless steel.
  •          Moving roller of 80mm die, 280 Ce length – Synthetic rubber / polyurethane/
  •          stainless steel.
  •          Web edge sensing – mechanical by feeler lever.
  •          Operating pressure – lbar. Roller nip – Pneumatic.
  •          Weight 22 kg / pair.