Stenter Machine Spare Parts

1.      Stenter Clips of Any Make like Artos, Dhall, Harish, Yamuna, Hi-Tech, S.M., Stenmech Lucy , Bharat Eng., Monfort, Montex, Swastik, Bruckner, Babros, Ambika, Famatex, etc.


 stenter1  stenter2  stenter3

2.      Chain Link & Bottom Parts (Pin Block, Loop Chain) of Any Make Stenter Machine

 stenter4  stenter5  stenter6

3.      Pin Bars – Any make like Artos, Harish, Supra, Montex etc.

4.      Gear Box Parts (12/48 T, 17/51 Teeth – Spiral Bevel, 21/43 T Helical Gear (Spline Shaft) Main Drive Sprocket Wheels – Hardened & Grinding). Servicing can also be done.

 stenter7  stenter8  stenter9  stenter10

5.      Shaft (Main Drive, Driven Horizontal Shaft, etc.)

 stenter11  stenter12  stenter13  stenter14

6.      Over Feed (Rubber Pulley Assembly, Drum Pulley Assembly, Post Pin Brush Assembly, Three Finger Uncurrler Assembly)

 stenter15  stenter16  stenter17  stenter18
 stenter19  stenter20  stenter21

7.      All Types of Feeler Switch

 stenter22  stenter23  stenter24
 stenter25  stenter26  stenter27

8.      Chain Wheels


9.      Other Parts

v      Artose Ring180

v      Artose Ring-200

v      Bruckner Ring152

v      Bruckner Ring203

v      Bruckner Ring220

v      Artose Ring206

v      Fam Pri Ring70

v      Krantz Ring213

v      Krantz Ring188

v      Fam Pri Ring200

v      Monforts Montex Ring 176

v      Bruckner Ring220-2

v      Krantz Ring

v      Fam Pri F33p

v      Fam Pri Mac 1

v      Fam Pri Mac 2

v      Misc Depinning

v      Fam Pri F 06

v      Monforts Montex Component1

v      Monforts Montex Component2

v      Monforts Montex Component3

v      Monforts Montex Component4

v      Monforts Montex Component5