Drum Slitting Machine

Drum Type Slitter Rewinder Machine

CONPAPTEX is the leading manufacturer of Drum Slitting Machine. Its type based on its function is as follows.

  • Drum Slitting Machine, for polyester
  • Drum Slitting Machine for stretch film
  • Drum Slitting Machine for aluminum foil

Heavy Duty Slitter Rewinder Machineslitter-rewinder-machine1-300x191

Salient Features:

  • Web width 1000mm to 2500mm
  • Heavy-duty sidewall to ensure vibration-free running at high speed.
  • Drum Rollers with hard chrome.
  • High-efficiency Blower to collect the trim
  • Independent mechanical clutch assembly
  • All drive through gears for Main drum NIP Roller and DC drive
  • Auto Tension Control
  • Auto Web Aligner

Light/Heavy Duty Slitter Rewinder Machine


New Arrival from CPT!!

CONPAPTEX introduces slitter rewinder machines (light and heavy duty) with timing belt machinery for noise-free smooth operation.


  • Light Duty Slitter Rewinder Machine from us for slitting and rewinding works.
  • The light-duty machine ensures consistent flawless quality and consistent slitting of rolls with constant line speed.
  • It is available in an adjustable model to suit your needs.
  • Web width: up to 1250 mm.
  • Given the maximum. Stock Roll: 18
  • Hydraulic web liner unit
  • Razorblade assembly for slitting
  • Power requirement: 2 – 5 hp

Technical Specifications:

  • Unwind Station fitted with the shaft, Core, Cone, Check nut & Mechanical Break on Unwind Frame.
  • Big Drum Roller and Small Drum Roller along with hard chrome.
  • Dancing Roll Assembly for slack compensating.
  • 1 Nos. Rubber Nip Roller Assembly fitted with Gearbox with nipping.
  • 10 Nos. Razor Balancer Blade Holder with Blade fixing Management.
  • 1 HP High-Efficiency Trim Balancer blower along the square pipe to collect the Trim.
  • 2 Nos. Rewinding shaft with Cone, Check Nut, and Fixing Collar with through-out keyway on the shaft.
  • 2 Nos. Automatic independent hold fast assemblage fitted on shaft with Rewinder-Arm.
  • Individual step ring holder for 76 mm core (10 set supply as authentic accessories)…
  • 1 No. Rubber Nip Roller Assembly with undecided Arm with bearing for gripping.
  • All Drives throughout Gear for Main Drum Nip Roller and DC Drive.
  • 5 HP DC Main Drive Motor with Control with ON-OFF switch,  Emergency stop, speed regulating, MCB Connector in the Panel.
  • Web Aligner (Hydraulic Power Pack) Unit perfect with all important accessories advisable for this machine.
  • Timing Belt Management for noise-free smooth working (Optional)

OPTIONAL PARTS FOR SLITTER REWINDER MACHINE:lightduty-slitter-rewinder-machine

  • “Line Guide System”
  • Extra Razor Blade Holder (10 Nos. each is standard supply with the machine)
  • Extra Circular Cutter and Bottom Cutter (10 Nos. each are standard supply with the machine)
  • Extra Step Ring (20 Nos. each are standard supply with the machine)
  • “Tension Control System” for Unwind and Rewinding
  • Extra Shaft for any smaller size
  • AC Drive instead of DC Drive
  • Surface Type Slitter Rewinder Machine