Stainless Steel Roll

We are engaged in producing S.S. Rollers that we make from high quality raw material and take use of latest technology. These rollers are made of finest quality Stainless Steel and are widely used where hygiene is a important factor like for packing food products both processed and raw vegetables etc. Some salient features of our S.S. Rollers are:

–         Gives smooth finish
–         Ability to withstand continuous usage
–         Can handle high temperature

hard-chrome-rollsWe produce these rollers in standard sizes and also cater to the needs of customizes S.S. Rollers for the ease of our customers. We can alter the shape, size and designs of these rollers.

We offer to our clients superior range of stainless steel rollers that are known for their efficient performance and resistance against corrosion. The use of superior engineering in its manufacturing makes them function more smoothly and quietly. Selection of roller type and coating material depend upon the application and the web material. -CONPAPTEX’ manufactures wide range of S.S rollers for varied applications.


External diameter Wall thickness Length
80 mm 2. 0 mm 3600 mm
100 mm 2. 5 mm 3600 mm
100 mm 3. 0 mm 3600 mm
120 mm 2. 5 mm 3600 mm
140 mm 2. 5 mm 3600 mm
160 mm 2. 5 mm 3600 mm
180 mm 2. 5 mm 3800 mm
200 mm 2. 5 mm 3000 mm
300 mm 2. 5 mm 3800 mm
400 mm 2. 5 mm 4000 mm