Slat Expander Roll



CONPAPTEX” is the largest manufacturer of aluminum Slat Expander Roll. This machine is employed to get rid of wrinkles on coating machines that area unit offered in any length and customary diameter of vi. Larger diameters may be created keeping visible the precise needs. Ordinarily, an easy surface is provided during this machine however in some applications, natural action is needed to capture the surface. Once ordering the applying is given the utmost speed of the website to satisfy the temperature, website, plain or serenade of the specified surface, and every one of your needs. To figure while not noise, rolls with a roller bearing sort cam mechanism also are offered, with a typical extension of 25 mm.

Type of Slat Expander Roll :

v Aluminum Slat Expander
v Slat Expander Roll with Wooden Slat

Diameter of Slat Expander Roll :

v 6-, 8-, 12-
Length: up to 3000 mm

Slate expanders are specially used for slow-speed machines. Such as coating cloth coating machine, flatbed printing machine, synthetic leather fabric before the batching machine, etc. This roll is fitted on bearings with slats on the left and right, as it is fitted with a mechanism. For the center-wide width, three slates are fitted and the middle slates are fixed to avoid the action of removing V-shaped wrinkles. Wooden bar with foot mounting pedestals, aluminum bar, and S.S. Available with felt covering on the bar. Suitable up to 120 working width. The expansion effect is achieved by the movement of the slates from the center of the rollers. In the case of continuous strokes, a simple stretch effect is achieved. The effect of expansion is influenced by the curvature of the shaft where the charging and discharging points of the fabric change.


The expansion effect is achieved by pulling a very flexible poly band located evenly on the strip expander roller circumference.strip-expander-roll The expansion effect can be adjusted infinitely during the performance by changing the stroke with the strip-expander-roll handwheel. It can also be affected by changing the charging and discharging points.


Some web materials like polyband expander rolls PP / LD / LDPE etc., such as bow rubber expander roll, slate expander rolls, or scroll roll will not work or remove wrinkles. This roll comes in a diameter of 140 mm and only works if the width of the web is more than 1000 mm. polybandexpPolyband, if the web tension roll is not enough to drive the extra drive, a sprocket or pulley is provided as required. The special elastic cord fitted to the cam mechanism can be adjustable for further expansion action. It is very important to install the roll at the correct warp angle to get maximum results. In normal cases, the maximum working width is 2500 mm. Polyband Expander Rolls We offer the best range of Polyband Expanders which are used when the expander rollers are not suitable. These expanders give excellent performance for separating the web after slitting despite its thickness and are very helpful in the process of HM and PP. The best results are obtained with a 90-degree wrap angle. According to web content, a person needs to stretch, adjust, touch in, and touchpoints. Polyband expander is very much needed for thin web, 10 microns and less. The polyband expander performs exceptionally well to separate the web after slitting regardless of its thickness.