Bow Roll

Bow roll


Bow roll is the most widely used wrinkle remover device. It mainly consists of a bow shaft, sealed ball bearings, metal segments, abrasion resistance, rubber sleeve, etc.

CONPAPTEX‘ makes Appender Rarers (Bore Rarers) a very consistent format and is suitable for the same range of applications and web content. They provide brackets to choose from, which you can come up with or attach to the footing. The expanders we offer include bow shafts, sealed ball bearings, abrasion-resistant sleeves, and metal segments. This use is available for a variety of industries. In addition, this gear set also provides you with attachment brackets that can help you prepare a fold or wall.

Sizes: Diameter up to 300 mm

Length: up to 8000 mm 

Types of Bowed Roller available with us:

v      Rubber Sleeve Covered. (High-Quality Synthetic Nitride Sleeve).

v      Metal Expander with hard chrome plated surface for high-speed application.

v      Vary Bow Expander Roller.

v      Sleeve Expander Roller for non-sticking application.

Working of Bowed Roller available with us:

v      Single Acting Bow Roll

v      Double Acting Bow Roll

The Performance of our Rubber Expander Roller depends upon the following points:

v      Wrap angle

v      Lead-in & Lead-out distance

v      Position of the bow (Adjustable)

In this, the lead-in: lead-out (3:1) ratio is considered to be perfect. The best results are attained when Bowed Roller is upstanding to the web direction.

Advantages of our Bow Roll are:

v      Control Slack Edges

v      Remove wrinkles

v      Separate slit webs on winder

v      Eliminate the baggy center

v   Try to also out sideways tension across the web width

Guarantee of our bowed rolls for 1 Year. 


Bow roll is known as spreader roll, bow roll, curve bar expander, banana roll, and wrinkle removing rolls, These machine is available on hard chrome surfaces, rubber surface. Chrome surface bowed rolls are used where speeds exceed 300 meters per minute. Larger diameters are used to reduce the RPM of the roll if the speed is higher. Bow rollers for sale work faster only when there is a proper lead-in and lead-out distance and the roll is placed at the right warp angle with the web content. To adjust such warp angles all rolls are provided with a handwheel and a counter angle pedestal bearing block with a bow angle adjusting warm-warm wheel gearbox, using which the bow angle can be adjusted at a 360-degree warp angle. Stop adjusting the bow angle when the roll has removed the maximum wrinkles and place the roll in the bow locked position, so do not make any changes in the bow set. Indicates the position of the bow on the roll shaft with an arrow indicating the bent position of the roll.

These machines are known as Banana Rolls, Spreader Rolls, and Curve rubber expanders, useful for removing wrinkles, slack edges, spreading, and slit separation. Most of the Expander Rolls are driven by web straining itself without any extra drive. Used in Textile processing machines, Plastic converting machines, Paper Industries, manufacturing, processing, printing, laminating, coating, Batching, Winding, and Re-Winding.

Metal is used before high-speed Paper slitter re-winders for wrinkle removal and after slitting to separate slits.  This type of Roll has heavyweight and paper tension itself is not sufficient to drive the Roll so an extra pulley is provided to drive the metal Expander Roll.

The expander is particularly used before size press where wet working and extra drive is required to get the roll to rotate. Rubber bowed roll has application where sticking of substance on the roll is the problem.

All types of expanders are available in the Bow Angle Adjustable type so that the Bow Angle can be successfully adjusted when the machine is in working condition. Fix the roll at the best bow warp angle so that it removes maximum wrinkles or achieves slit separating effects. The diameter of the roll also depends on the speed of the web content, the maximum web width, and the mounting center.

For a web width of 650 mm and a web speed of less than 50 m / min, a 90 mm bow roll with a shaft diameter of 30 mm is effective. For 4500mm web width, a minimum diameter of 160mm roll and shaft diameter of 75mm or more is required for 1000mtrs / min speed. Bowed roll is available in foot or flange mounting as per specific requirements.

  • Bow angle adjusting worm-worm wheel gear bow with handwheel
  • Bowed Roll after slit for slit separation Single Acting  & Double Acting
  • Bowed Roll with flange mounting pedestals
  • Banana Roll
  • Pulley Driven Metal Bow Roll
  • Rubber Coated Bowed Roller
  • Bow roll with extra drive
  • Bowed Rolls
  • Flange Mounting Bow Roll
  • Foot Mounting Bow Roll

We carry out repairing and servicing jobs for your old or imported bow rolls and rubber rolls such as Mount Hop, E + L, etc. Cutting length, sleeve changing, spool and bearing change, complete overhauling, etc. We refurbish your old. Roll and make it look like a completely new roll. We have separate staff to handle the old rolls and serve them.