Hydraulic Cylinder

pneumatic-n-hyadraulic2-2We manufacture Hydraulic Cylinders, / Jacks. Our cylinders, range from Bore 25 x Rod 12 x Stroke10 mm, till Bore 900mm x Rod 600 X Stroke 5000 mm. with working pressure, up to 600 Kg/cm2 / 10,000 PSI .

Hydraulic jack manufacturers, along with double acting hydraulic cylinders, and hydraulic cylinder suppliers, hydraulic cylinder manufacturer.

To stick to our high Quality standards, we use only Imported, Sealing & Guidance Systems. All our honed tubes, are micro finished, to a Ra value less, than 0.3 microns. All Hydraulic Cylinders, are manufactured using, imported Honed tubes, to suit our customer requirements. All piston rods, are ground and hard chrome plated, with chrome thickness ,up to 30Microns..

pneumatic-n-hyadraulic2-1Precisely honed, heavy wall thickness tubes. Piston rod ground and hard chrome plated, where plating thickness is 15 to 20 microns, made of EN Grade material. Extra long bearing housing for better piston rod guide. Piston fitted with best quality seals (Glyd rings with ‘O’ ring energizer) piston rod guide fitted with step seals with ‘O’ ring energizer and PU Rod Seals for zero leakage from rod side.

–          Up to 500 Tons.
–          Cylinder Stroke 50 mm to 3 Meters