batch_coding2Our esteemed clients can avail from us the most preferred range of Conveyor Machine. This Belt Conveyor Machine works as feeding and conveying equipment, used for transferring nature rubber. The machine comprises of Selection Reducer, couple of chain wheels & chains principal wheel and a belt. It works in a very systematic and convenient manner. In order to feed the blocks, one of the chain wheel carries the other to work together when the Select Reduce move. The Principal Wheel is made to do circumnavigation with the belt. This machine is sourced from the state of Gujarat in India.


  • Speed: Variable Speed with VFD, Standard Motor Gear Box with Power Regulator & On/ Off Switch.


  • Vibration less Motion Which Gives the Best Coding Thrue out The Length.
  • Extra Feeder Plate for Resting the Bunch of Product and Sloper Output Plate for Product Easy Outward.
  • Free Attachment Facility For Your Encoder Of The Inkjet Machine On Our Roller Shaft With Suitable Design.

Belt Conveyor

belt-conveyor1We specialize in the manufacture of Belt Conveyors and are one of best manufacturer and exporter of belt conveyors in India, which you can avail at CONPAPTEX at competitive price with best quality. We have a huge range of Belt Conveyors, which are in demand due to its robust construction and tensile strength. Belt Conveyors are fabricated with superior quality raw materials and standard bought out items such as Gear Box, Motors, Belts and accessories, to give high strength and durability to conveyors system.

CONPAPTEX provide best Belt conveyors for production flow line. Belt conveyors are employed for conveying various bulk and unit loads along horizontal or slightly inclined paths and for transporting articles between various operations and are the main means of mechanical transport. Belt conveyors make material handling easy and cost effective as it improves production process and save from human error.
Belt Conveyor Benefits.

CONPAPTEX supply self tracking belt technology, smooth product movements, and supplied standard with Geared motor or Drum roller drive. We can customize your equipment to suit your requirements. The belt can be on rollers, a link belt or slide bed. This style is simple but is an overly productive conveyor.

Belt Conveyors has many benefits including:

  • Self Tracking Belts – Our design provides for the belt to be self tracking thus eliminating countless maintenance issues for the end user.
  • Cost Effective. Because in house manufacturing our machines provide excellent value for money.
  • Versatility in Design – Tailor made design solution available at no extra cost.
  • Smooth and Quiet Transport – this conveyor will move materials will ease. Its simplistic style is quiet and smooth, moving products to the required destination.
  • Irregular Product Movement – designed for those products that cannot easily be moved by other machine styles. Products like sacks, bags and raw food products can be moved safely, making it convenient transportation.
  • All levels movement – Consider safe solution for materials handling. It offers a simple height incline and decline; ensuring products get safety to their area.

Roller Conveyors

roller-conveyor1CONPAPTEX offer a range of advanced technology Roller Conveyors. Roller conveyors are the proper choice when you need to side load, push off, accumulate a product or adjust pressure on carrying rollers. Roller conveyor types are chain driven, belt driven, line shaft driven, accumulation, or non-powered (gravity). Using roller conveyors instead of slider bed conveyors adds versatility to the type of transfers, diverters and stops that can be used in a system. Rollers are available in mild steel, galvanized, plastic or stainless steel.

Chain Conveyors

chain-conveyorsWe, CONPAPTEX are now a well reckoned manufacturer and exporter, amidst the chain conveyor manufacturers in India. We offer all types of chain conveyors at most competitive price without compromising quality.
CPT Chain conveyors system is highly valued amongst clients for its unending features like:

  • Heavy duty conveyor frame
  • Heavy duty adjustable legs
  • Single & Double Chain
  • Head and Center Drive models
  • Constant and variable speed packages
  • 100 – 2000 mm widths (higher on request)
  • 300 – 10,000 mm lengths (higher on request)
  • Available as inclined conveyors

CONPAPTEX, expertise in offering a robust and precision engineered range of Chain Conveyors, available in singly and multiple chains. Our multipurpose Chain Conveyors are manufactured, using latest technology and equipments to serve you quality, high functionality and user friendly operation. Chain Conveyors are widely used in automobile industries.

Chain Conveyor Benefits

  • Chain Conveyors allow for multi-directional and flexible movement of material. Unlike other Conveyors, CONPAPTEX system works permit horizontal as well as vertical change of direction. Our parts are manufactured for ultimate durability and functionality, each designed to enable you to move the chain in the direction required.
  • Chain Conveyors have multiple benefits for businesses, these include:
  • Most Adaptable – Objects of any size can be placed on the Chain Conveyors, which are otherwise difficult to handle and can be moved up, down, in out and around.
  • Versatile – This machine is used in all types of industries.
  • Direct movement – Products can be moved easily and directly on the conveyor and transported effectively.
  • Multiple uses – These machines can be used in combination with other equipment such as Gravity Roller and Powered Roller Conveyors.
  • Cost Effective -Standardization and simplicity of component parts, together with complete production tooling mean actual saving.

Apron Conveyors

apron-conveyors1Apron Conveyors are used to carry materials and pieces horizontally and inclined lines. CPT offers Apron conveyors, which are made of pans with uneven edges to keep a check on material loss. CONPAPTEX offers Apron Conveyors which are flexible for adaptation to lifting loads from hoppers bins. Apron Conveyors can be regulated by adjustment of a sticker plate at the entrance point. CONPAPTEX have a heavy handle, which can handle abrasive and hot material. Apron Conveyors are capable of handling material up to 2000 per hour and does not cause noise pollution while carrying the material.
Advantages of Apron conveyors.

  1. Adjustable – The apron conveyor can be adjusted to any length by changing the number of plates. Maintenance and repair are also easier.
  2. Easy Maintenance – When a part of the conveyor breaks, the damaged plates can be removed and replaced instead of the whole apron conveyor, which saves the operator time and cost.
  3. Robust Structure -Apron conveyors made from high grade steel are useful for handling abrasive materials, such as rocks and granules. Walls and overlap in the apron plates ensure minimal material loss, especially when transporting grains and detritus.
  4. Widly Used -Mainly used for industrial purposes, apron conveyors are made to withstand tremendous weight, heat, and continuous operation. The conveyor can be treated with special coatings to achieve a desired surface, such as friction or elasticity.

Screw Conveyors

screw-conveyorCONPAPTEX offers highly effective Screw conveyors with latest technology making them accurate at function. Screw conveyors are bulk material transporting devices capable of handling great variety of materials, which has relatively good flow ability. CONPAPTEX have become one of the reliable manufacturer and exporter of Screw Conveyors that are known for conveying sand crescent or any other material in powder or cake form. This characteristic is important in screw conveyors operation as the screw helix mounted on a central pipe or shaft, rotate within a fix trough or tube pushes the material in the radial clearance between the helix and trough and causing the material to tumble upon itself as the moving face of the helical flight tends to lift the material. CONPAPTEX provide Screw Conveyors with elegant design and delivers best performance in complex conditions of temperatures and pressures. You all are free to call on us and avail Screw

Slat Conveyors

CONPAPTEX are recognized as one of the outstanding manufacturer and exporter of Slat Conveyors, as we offer Slat Conveyor having one or more endless chains to prevent overlapping and interlocking spaced slats. They are similar to modular belts in there versatility and use. They are able to transfer product around bends using a single drive. Slat belt conveyors however tend to be used in narrow accumulation applications such as bottling or engineering where single lane product transfer is required.
CONPAPTEX, produce both a standard range and bespoke range of Slat Belt Conveyors, fully designed manufactured in house from our facilities in Noida encompassing the widest range of applications and environments

Key Featuresslat-conveyor1

  • Available in Powder Coated Steel and Stainless Steel
  • Configurations include horizontal straight, curved and multi lane
  • Pharmaceutical and wash down food grade available as standard
  • Common simple and robust construction
  • All widths and lengths both as standard and customer specific sizes
  • All loads and configuration of product ideally suited to accumulation and curved applications
  • Many drive configurations including shaft mounted motor, chain driven head drive and under slung drives available as standard
  • Accessories include many control options, large range of guide systems, supports and mobile frames
  • Common applications include, bottling, automotive, food and pharmaceutical.

Wire Mesh Conveyors

wire-mesh-conveyorsCONPAPTEX are one of the prominent Manufacturer and Exporter of the cutting edge technology of Wire Mesh Conveyors. Wire Mesh belt conveyors are mainly used for high temperature applications such as transferring products through tempering or cooling ovens or when handling hot product. Belts are usually made from either steel or stainless steel with varying degrees of weave and pitch.
CONPAPTEX, produce both a standard range and bespoke range of Mesh Belt Conveyors, fully designed manufactured in house from our facilities in Noida encompassing the widest range of applications and environments.

Key Features

  • Available in Powder Coated Steel and Stainless Steel
  • Common simple and robust construction
  • All widths and lengths both as standard and customer specific sizes
  • All loads and configuration of product ideally suited to hot products or were air flow through the conveyor is essential
  • Many drive configurations including shaft mounted motor and chain driven head drive available as standard
  • Accessories include many control options, large range of guide systems, supports and mobile frames
  • Large Temperature range available both cold and hot
  • Applications include swarf removal, cooling conveyors, ovens, recycling, elevators and press works